Celtic Fire: Seattle Live Irish Music Band


Here are some past musical performances by Celtic Fire in the Puget Sound region:




Mar 15 JJ Mahoneys, Redmond
Mar 17 Celtic Bayou, Redmond



Jan 12 Soul Food Books, Redmond
Mar 17 Celtic Bayou, Redmond
Aug 17 Dana Lyons HopeLink fundraiser
Aug 18 JJ Mahoney's Irish Pub, Redmond



Feb 18 Soul Food Books, Redmond (3-5 pm)
Mar 16 Soul Food Books, Redmond (8 pm)
Mar 17 Celtic Bayou, Redmond
May 26-28 Seattle Folklife Festival
Aug 11 Redmond Food Bank Fund Raiser (6 pm)
Sep 22 International Day of Peace Concert, Carnation
Dec 30 Redmond City Hall (5:45pm)



Feb 25 

Celtic Bayou Redmond

Mar 17 

Celtic Bayou Redmond (3-6 PM)

Mar 17

 Muckelshoot Casino Auburn (8-12 PM)

May 27

 Northwest Folklife-Northwest Court Stage (Yes by the beer tent) at 3:30 PM

Jul 16

Beth’s Woodinville House (HopeLink fundraiser)

Sep 18

International Day of Peace Celebration, Woodinville

Dec 3

Holiday Lighting at Olympic Nursery, Woodinville



Sept 11 Celtic Bayou, Lynnwood
Oct 1-2 Galway Bay, Ocean Shores

Oct 23

Watercress Asian Bistro, Redmond

Dec 5 Redmond Lights
Jan 15 Celtic Bayou, Redmond 

Celtic Fire is an irreverent musical group based in Seattle that plays traditional Irish, Celtic and Folk music, along with familiar songs and ballads. We have played together for the last five years, and enjoy all types of venues. We play throughout western Washington State, and we all have a deep passion for all kinds of music.

Recently the Celtic Fire opened a concert for Dana Lyons, and had a great time being part of a wonderful fundraising event.

To book Celtic Fire for your next event, contact Scott Biethan at biethan@aol.com or 206-295-9614.

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