Celtic Fire: Seattle Live Irish Music Band


Scott Biethan

Scott plays the guitar, mandolin and Irish bouzouki. He started playing in Celtic Fire when he realized that in Irish bars, the more the patrons drink, the better the band sounds! He also loves the audience participation that occurs in an Irish setting. He has been playing Celtic music for the last several years, and has performed throughout Washington State, as well as in Ireland and England. He enjoys the music for the rich experiences that make up the songs, and for the humor that can be found throughout. He plays with Celtic Fire because it is just plain fun to perform with great musicians who are also great friends.  And since he's never wanting to take any of this too seriously, he has found great pleasure in the band.

Corby Howell

Being in Celtic Fire is a joy for Corby. With Irish roots (Great-Grandpa came from County Cork and married an Irish lass in Oregon), she still goes to the Casey family reunion every year, where evening sing-a-longs are often the highlight. She grew up singing on frequent Alaska road trips with her mother, brother and sister. (Dad was the appreciative audience). Corby has sung in church, school, and community choirs all of her life, and she has also enjoyed sharing the joy of singing with children; she taught music in a Mother's Day Out program, and also directed a children's choir. With Celtic Fire, she is delighted to have the opportunity to play the bass guitar. (It's fun to use the OLD high school orchestra memories of playing the string bass!) Corby is grateful for the loving support of her husband Tom and three children, Stan, Steve and Tracey.  Her hope is that any audience is touched (?!), or at least always entertained.

Bob Wright

Bob Wright has been a musician all of his life! He plays piano, organ, keyboards and accordion. He holds a bachelor's degree in music education from Seattle University, is a church musician of 45 years, and plays a wide variety of music. His credits include playing with the Hager Twins from Hee Haw, Bobby Bare and the Drifters, Windhover and now Celtic Fire. Also, he has played numerous county Fairs and Eagle Club circuits in the Pacific Northwest. With Celtic Fire, Bob plays piano and keyboards. He also has a rich vocal style that complements the trio's sound.

Michael Heavener

Michael Heavener wanted to be a roadie when he was younger, and finally somebody trusts that he won't blow up the equipment!  He works his magic for Celtic Fire by tweaking buttons on the mixing console, making the band sound much better than they might otherwise.  He also enjoys crawling around underfoot laying cables during sound checks and at rehearsals.

Amy Mayes

Amy Mayes grew up in Jonesboro Arkansas where her grandfather taught her to play the guitar and the mandolin. Though her cowboy boots are now weather-worn from the rain, she loves being a Redmond based artist. Amy is excited to be part of Celtic Fire where she is learning the music played in the pubs of her ancestors, as well as writing original pieces to perform with the band. For more info about Amy, go to www.amymayes.com.

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